Maegdelycke klanken, music for the Maagdenhuis of Antwerp

Mensurabilis and the Maagdenhuismuseum of Antwerp worked together for the first time in 2009.  During the “Night of the Museum”, the ensemble performed the sonnet of the Faustina Statue, 375 years after its inception, thanks to their transcription work.

The partnership continues and the ladies perform at least once a year within the walls of the former orphanage for girls.

The research related to the music that may have sounded there, is now collated in this publication (also in English) with CD.  Also available in digital format.


Maegdelycke klanken, music for the Maegdenhuis of Antwerp

The CD (and digital download) for the publication Maegdelycke klanken is also available without the book.  You hear the songs the maidens may have sung, as well as the story of "Le Freine".

Performed by Mensurabilis.